Freshly Delivered

Freshly Delivered

Carefully sourced, skilfully roasted & freshly delivered” are 3 words we use to describe our business. For this blog I want to look into this statement and discuss what it means to us, a small coffee roastery in Northern Ireland.


We roast in small batches several times a week. When you check the stamp on the back of your coffee bag, you’ll see it has been roasted usually within a few days of your order.

This makes our coffee fresh and we think that freshly delivered coffee is one of the reasons customers keep coming back to us.

If you’re Belfast-based we can hand-deliver freshly roasted coffee to your doorstep in 2-3 days (sometimes quicker). If you’re further afield that’s no problem either.

Have you ever?

Have you ever had freshly roasted coffee? If so, you’ll understand how strong it smells. You open that bag and the aroma of a fresh roast hits you in the face, wakes up your mind and it’s one of the reasons we love coffee so much.

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Does fresh matter?

Raw coffee beans stay fresh for a very long time but as soon as you roast raw coffee it starts to fall apart. The high temperatures inside the coffee roaster start a process that causes the coffee bean to leak out natural oils, chemicals and aromatic nutrients. Freshly roasted coffee should be oily and smell incredible!

The stress of being roasted in the oven gradually stales the coffee bean. For the best taste, it’s recommended to drink coffee that has been roasted within 3 weeks of today and certainly within 3 weeks of opening a bag. After 3 weeks of roasting the flavour can tail-off and it loses freshness.

Grinding fresh beans or exposing them to water, air or sunlight speeds up a decline in flavour. So, once you open that bag, your storage conditions matter.

Our advice to keep your coffee fresh is to:

· Store it in an air-tight container

· Keep it away from sunlight

· Not put it in the fridge or freezer (Contrary to popular belief).

Don’t just listen to us. Here’s Gail from Seattle Coffee Gear:


If you want to experience what freshly roasted coffee tastes like – buy a bag of Belfast’s finest and we’ll get it to you fast. We’ve 15% off all our coffees at the moment enter the code WorkAtHome.